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INTERPART Final Event (online)

INTERPART is approaching the end of the project and will present its results at a closing event. The event will take place online from April 19 to 23, 2021. On five consecutive days, insights into the various facets of the research results will be provided from 2 to 4 p.m. each day.

Funded by the BMBF, INTERPART has been investigating since 2018 how intercultural spaces of participation in urban development can be designed and the importance of digital services in this context. At the end of the project, we will present which factors and strategies pave the way for intercultural participation (Day 1) and how appropriately designed narrative formats can make previously marginalized voices heard (Day 2). The event will discuss how participation can be designed to be more low-threshold in analog, digital and cross-media ways (Day 3). Changes in institutional structures are also essential for fundamental change, which will be addressed on the basis of the intercultural opening of planning administrations (Day 4). The Reallabor concept formed the research framework for the INTERPART project. At the end of the series of events, the focus will therefore be on the added value that reallaboratories bring to planning practice (Day 5).

Here you can find the current program (German) of the closing event, from which further details on the respective event days can be taken.


Dr. Sandra Huning (TU Dortmund), Dr. Katrin Gliemann (TU Dortmund), Robert Barbarino (TU Dortmund), Hanna Seydel (TU Dortmund), Dr. Bianca Herlo (UdK Berlin), Malte Bergmann (UdK Berlin), Sandra Stark (UdK Berlin), Julia Bechtluft (Stadtverwaltung Wiesbaden), Dr. Katja Adelhof (SenSW Berlin), Dr. Christiane Droste (UP19 GmbH), Ivonne Peitsch (UP19 GmbH), Alexander Thom (UP19 GmbH), Keno Franke (zebralog GmbH), Johanna Broeckel (zebralog GmbH)