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Dr. Chen Hsiang-Chin

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  • Doctor of Urban Planning, National University of the Ryukyusin Japan (1999/4-2002/3)
  • Master of Living Environment and Engineering, Kyoto Prefectural University in Japan(1996/4-1998/3)
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Kyoto Seika University in Japan(1991/4-1994/3)

Professional History

  • Assistant Professor of Department of Leisure and Recreation in National FormosaUniversity (From 2005/08 up to now)
  • Director (New Campus Development) of Xing Chung Branch of National FormosaUniversity (2011/08-2013/07)
  • Director of Public Affairs Section of Secretariat Office in National FormosaUniversity (2008/08-2010/07)
  • Assistant Professor ofInstitute of Environmental Arts, College of Humanities in Nanhua University (2002/08-2005/07)
  • Community Planner and Consulting Commissioner of Yunlin County Government (Urban and Rural Place) (2008/8 up to now)
  • Commissioner of Regional Environment Planning System Committee in Kyushu Branch of Architectural Institute of Japan (From 2003/4 up to now)
  • Community Planner and Consulting Commissioner of Taichung City Government (Urban Development Bureau) (2005/8-2012)
  • Researcher in Institute of Urban Science Policy of Okinawa City in Japan(consultant company) (1998/4-2000/3)
  • Researcher inInstitute of Urban Architecture in “Ueda Atushi” of Kyoto City in Japan (consultant company) (1994/4-1996/3)

Academic Funding and Awards

  • Resident Participation in Town-level Landscape Master Plan Establishment and the Essence ofLandscape Law Fullfillment - by an example of Kouhu Township, Yulin Country, (NSC99-2410-H-150-010 ),(2010) , funded by MOST
  • Urban Housing Development Community (UHDC) – is focused on the regional planning, which is the focus of Taiwanese urban development historical research Part 2,( 96-2415-H-150-002 ),(2007), funded by MOST
  • Urban Housing Development Community (UHDC) – is focused on the regional planning, which is the focus of Taiwanese urban development historical research Part 1,( 95-2415-H-150-001 ),(2006) , funded by MOST
  • A Study on the Transformation of Function and Characters of Urban Detail Planning Regulations During Japan Colonial and Postwar Taiwan(1895-1973s),( 92-2415-H-343-004 ),(2003) , funded by MOST

Participation in Relevant Planning and Research Projects

Government Planning Projects

  • "Cultural Landscape Preservation Plan and Corporate Planning and Research for Conservation Plan inTai Lunjiao of Huwei in Yunlin County", Cultural Affairs Department of Yunlin County Government, in Taiwan (2016)
  • "Community Planner for Station Counselling Plan in Taichung City of 2015", Taichung City Government, in Taiwan (2015)
  • "Landscape Outline Planof Kouhu Township in Yunlin County ", Kouhu Township in Yunlin County, in Taiwan (2009)
  • “Renovation Project and Sightseeing Activities Plan of Gesashiwan Mangrove Park” in Japan, (2001)
  • "Tourism Promotion Report for Tourism Resources Network and Theme Touring Route of Northern Territory in Okinawa ", Japan, (2000)
  • "Report of Preservation Strategy for the Traditional Buildings of Preservation Area in Tonaki ", Japan,(2000)
  • "Report for Late Stage Basic Plan of Comprehensive Plan in Ginowan ", Japan, (1999)
  • "Report for Housing Master Plan of NahaCity ", in Japan, (1999)
  • Investigation Report of Landscape Preservation forVillages in Tonaki, in Japan, (1999)
  • Investigation Report of Landscape Preservation Basis forVillages in Tonaki, Japan, (1998)
    "Report for Holiday, Leisure, and Tourism Promotion Project of “Jin Ren” Village ", Japan, (1998)
    "Report for Outline Plan of Kochindacho Housing", Japan, (1998)
    " Report for Urban Outline Plan of Haebaru ", Japan, (1998)
    "Report of Hope Area Promotion Plan of Yoshino Mountain, Yoshino, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture," Japan, (1994)
  • "School Building Design Project of Kyoto Seika University ", Japan, (1994)

Research Interests

  • Urban Planning System and Urban History Research
  • Urban Design and Environmental Landscape Planning
  • Architecture Space Improvement and Integrated Community Development
  • Local Leisure Industry and Land Policy
  • Cultural Assets and Tourism Strategy

All publications of Dr. Chen Hsiang-Chin can be found under publications.