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Moritz Kasper


  • Kasper, M.; Stroomer, E.; Andrew-Essien, E. (forthcoming): The Potential Implementation of Textile Collection and Recycling Initiative in Lagos, Nigeria – A Feasibility Study, im Auftrag von Africa Collect Textiles & RVO.
  • Samuel Hall (2019): Dropping Out? A Participatory Exploration of Adolescent School Journeys in Zambia, im Auftrag von UNICEF Sambia.
  • Samuel Hall (2018): Watoto Kwanza: Improving access to and quality of early childhood education in Zanzibar – Final Evaluation, im Auftrag von Dubai Cares.
  • Samuel Hall (2017): Coming Together: A critical analysis of key issues, actors and tools in the current global landscape of Family Tracing & Reunification, im Auftrag von IKEA Foundation.
  • Samuel Hall (2017): Youth Employment in Kenya - Literature Review, im Auftrag von The British Council.
  • Samuel Hall (2017): Hope Behind Bars: The Boys of the Kabul Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre, im Auftrag von Children in Crisis.
  • Kasper, M. (2016): The Yard: A space for everyone?, Anza (East African Architecture) #8.
  • Kasper, M.; Kengyel, N.; Colson, A.; Trianti, A. (2016): Absence: Architectural reconfigurations in time and space, PLAT Journal #6.