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    • Dr. Hanna Hilbrandt


Dr. Hanna Hilbrandt


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Vorträge (Auswahl)

  • “Financial Times: Zeitlichkeit, Finanzmärkte und Infrastrukturen in der Entwicklung städtischer Großprojekte”, with Fritz-Julius Grafe, NKG XV, Freiburg, Januar 2018

  • “Negotiating Order”, Think and Drink Kolloquium, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, January 2017
  • ‘Globalizing Informality’, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting (AAG), 04.2017, Boston, with C. Haid.

  • “Everyday urbanism in the everyday state”, RC21 Conference 2016 “The transgressive city”, Mexico City, July 2016

  • “Writing across diverse urban contexts: Informality in Tallinn, Bafatá & Berlin”, the Urban Salon, UCL/LSE, with S. Neves Alves and T. Tuvikene, March 2015
  • “Negotiating Formalities”, OpenSpace Lecture Series, the Open University (UK), May 2015
  • “Negotiating Formalities”, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting (AAG), Chicago, April 2015
  • “Two pitfalls and one point in rescue of situated theorizing across established binaries”, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting (AAG), Chicago, April 2015


  • “The Rules That Govern People’s Lives: Informality in Tallinn, Bafatá and Berlin”, XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology , Yokohama, Japan, July 2014
  • “From critical legal studies to informality”, Seeing Like a City-Symposium, Queen Mary University, London, June 2014


  • “On informal infrastructures: A quest for political agency“, Tagung der Sektion Stadt- und Regionalsoziologie (DGS), Berlin, November 2013
  • “Insurgent Participation”, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting 2013, Los Angeles, June 2013