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Welcome to the IPS Website!

The department International Planning Studies (IPS):

The Department of International Planning Studies deals with the dynamics of urban development in rapidly urbanizing spaces. Rapid urbanization and its consequences for the access of urban populations to housing and other vital necessities such as water and electricity, the role of urban planning in the context of rapid urbanization and the everyday acquisition of externally provided services form the focus of our teaching and research. We classify processes of urbanization and urban change in terms of planning theory and history and see urban spaces not as isolated, but as closely networked with hinterland, region and world. In concrete terms, we investigate these networks on the basis of urban, regional and global flows of people, finances, energy and water. The IPS offers courses in the bachelor- and master programs at the faculty of spatial planning especially in modules with international focus and provides inputs in the master study program SPRING.


The department IPS deals with:

  • Urbanization and social transformations (urban-rural relations, multi-locality, globalization)

  • Urban, regional and global resource flows and their role in urban development

  • Rapid urbanization and access to basic urban services (housing, infrastructures)

  • Regional infrastructure landscapes in international comparison

  • Planning systems and planning practices in international comparison

  • Migration and urban development


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Postal address:

Technische Universität Dortmund

Fakultät Raumplanung

Fachgebiet International Planning Studies

August-Schmidt-Str. 6

D-44227 Dortmund


Here you can find our location on Google-Maps and an additional location map (The department is located in building 32).