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Call for Scholarship

The third call for the DAAD In-Country/In-Region PhD Scholarship Programme at Ardhi University, Tanzania, is open.
The thematic area of the programme is on governance and planning for resilient cities in Sub-Sahara Africa. It addresses problems and possible solutions for
African cities to better cope with and transform in a proactive manner to current  and  future  challenges  related  to  climate  change  and  continuing  rapid urbanization.
The scholarships are funded by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and enable candidates to enrol in the PhD programme run jointly by Ardhi University (Tanzania) and TU Dortmund University (Germany).
The call is open for candidates from Sub-Saharan Africa who are staff member of a public or private university or candidates that can be considered for teaching in a university or research position.
Please take the detailed information on requirement and application from the following link:

http://aru.ac.tz/index.php/news/advertisement-for-daad-in-country-in-region-postgraduate-scholarship-programme-2020-2021 and in the attachment.
For any inquiry please contact: goplarea@post.tu-dortmund.de; kangero70@yahoo.ca

The deadline for the application is 15th December 2020

Further Information DAAD: Call for Scholarship Applications 2021 at Ardhi University

Further Information Ardhi University: In-Region Postgraduate Scholarship Programme