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INTERPART project team on the way to their final interventions

The BMBF funded INTERPART project team from IPS and SOZ started its final year in May 2020. We wrote up an analysis of the interventionist research we did in 2019 in our two case studies studio.moabit and studio.biebrich. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to change the setting of our third and last intervention in Wiesbaden and Berlin and created instead of one large event many small-size digital events for each city. The interventions contained online discussions to get civil society actors and local administrations virtually together to discuss issues of digital participation. An upcoming talk in September, organized with our partner UP19, will focus on institutional forms of racism. Together with the Design Research Lab at Berlin University of the Arts we also created a possibility for a digital Podcast Production. Starting this summer, we bring local NGOs and community leader together to talk about their views and experiences with intercultural participation and urban development. Other ongoing research will be conducted by online group discussions and a prototype testing for a digital participation tool, developed by Zebralog. In general, we noticed interesting change in the local administrations, some related to the COVID-19 pandemic, some not. An upcoming Workshop with both partners from the local Administrations of Berlin and Wiesbaden will pick up this topic in autumn 2020.

You can find any updates on the INTERPART Website.

Contact: katrin.gliemann@tu-dortmund.de