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Dissertations 2006

Author Title Location
Yasid Anani A new common border space towards more justice in cross-border development.  UB DissDo 2006/132
Qi Changqing (China) Human Settlement Planning, Migration and Urbanisation in China. UB DissDo 2006/22
Susanna Godehart (South-Africa) Transformation of Formally Planned Townships through Informal Initiatives by Resident. UB DissDo 2006/154
Walid Mousa (Palestine)  Towards institutionalized citizen participation in local development planning and program implementation in Palestine. UB DissDo 2006/131
Wolfgang Scholz
Challenges of informal urbanisation. UB DissDo 2006/182
Lubna Shaheen Promoting sustainable urban development in the Palestinian cities. UB DissDo 2006/81
Maram Tawil (Palestine Refugee camps in Jordan. UB DissDo 2006/79

BR: Bereichsbibliothek Raumplanung (Libary of the Faculty)

UB: Universitätsbibliothek Dortmund (Libary of the University)