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Current Dissertations

Following dissertation are currently (2020) being supervised by the Prof. Dr. Sophie Schramm:

Autor Titel
Dorcas Nthoki Nyamai Inclusive Transport and Socio-Spatial Justice: Prospects of Non-Motorized Transport in Nairobi
Prince Karakire Guma
Rethinking Smart Urbanism: City-Making and the Spread of Digital Infrastructures in Nairobi
Lazarus Jambadu Assessment of infrastructure repairs and maintenance of water utilites companies in Accra and Dar Salaam cities
Joyce Angnayeli Eledi Kuusaana The Making of Urban Resilience: Critical Energy Infrastructure in Accra and Dar es Salaam

Dissertations supervised before 2020:

Author Title
Pauline Carreon-Murimi Gaining from the Brain Drain: Harnessing the Diaspora Towards Poverty Alleviation in Kenya
Hemn Mawlood Nanakali Rural Development Policies in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and their Impact on Migration
James Murimi Ecosystems approach to improved livelihoods on tropical Kakamega Forest fringe
Carmelita Rosario Liwag Integrating environmental impact assessment in the Philippine land use planning system: prospects and challenges.
Rubina Devrikyan The Effectiveness of Participatory Approaches in Rural Development: the Cases of Armenia and Georgia