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Dr.-Ing Wolfgang Scholz

Dr.-Ing Wolfgang Scholz Photo of Dr.-Ing Wolfgang Scholz

(+49)231 755-4399

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Campus Adresse
Campus Süd

Room R. 423



Wolfgang Scholz studied Raumplanung (Spatial Planning) at the University of Dortmund and Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Venice/Italy. He is member of the Chamber of Architects (list of planner) in Germany, the N-Aerus Network (Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanisation in the South) and Trialog (Journal for Planning and Building in the Third World.

After working for ten years in Germany in private town planning offices, dealing with urban design, urban development and urban management, he joined the Faculty of Spatial Planning in 2000 to conduct a research project on informal urban development in Zanzibar/Tanzania. Before, he already advised several student projects at the Faculty of Spatial Planning, University of Dortmund, dealing with urban development in Tanzania and tourism development. Based on the research in Tanzania, he submitted in May 2006 his dissertation on "Challenges of informal urban development - The case of Zanzibar/Tanzania" (PDF file).

From 2004 to 2007, he was  member of the SPRING staff as Admission Co-ordinator for Latin America and lecturer in the planning workshops, in research and report paper writing and responsible for the SPRING colloquium and from 2006 on for Human Settlement Planning. From 2005 to 2007, he was also working in joint research projects of SPRING Dortmund together with UCLAS on: Trunk Infrastructure and Urban Growth - Managing Rapid Urbanisation in Poverty in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and from 2007 on together with the University of Concepción in Chile and University of Applied Science in Eberwalde on eco tourism, regional development and conflicts caused by a dam project in Patagonia.

From September 2007 to October 2009, he was a DAAD longterm lecturer at the Ardhi University in Tanzania. His responsibilities were teaching in Neighboorhood Design, Strategic Urban Development, Project Planning and Management. Furthermore, he represented DAAD in Tanzania. In November 2009 he joints the Spring Programe again.

Wolfgang Scholz is also working in the field of tourism development in developing countries (DANTE) and is lecturing as well as at the University of Applied Science in Bremen and at the International School of Management in Dortmund.

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