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Dipl. Geogr. Ariana Fürst

Dipl. Geogr. Ariana Fürst Photo of Dipl. Geogr. Ariana Fürst



  • 2003 - 2010: Geography Studies at the Westfälische Wilhelms-University in Münster and the Ludwig-Maximilans-University in Munich.
  • Master thesis: "A new form of ethnic economy? Analyzing transnational ethnic economy at the example of Turkish entrepreneurs in Duisburg-Marxloh."
  • 2007/08: Geography Studies at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. 
  • 2011: Postgraduate Studies on International Cooperation (SLE), Humboldt University Berlin. Consultation project in Moldova: "Participatory district development planning in the water supply and sanitation sector of the Republic of Moldova", commissioned by GIZ.
  • Since 2012: Short-term consultancy for the GIZ project "Modernisation of local public services" in Moldova.
  • Since 2012: Academic staff of the IPS-department

Research interests

  •  (Transnational) migration in urban areas
  •  Urban and regional development in in countries of the Global South
  • Participative planning approaches