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Dr. Chen Hsiang-Chin

Dr. Chen Hsiang-Chin Photo of Dr. Chen Hsiang-Chin

(+49)231 755-8238


Campus Addresse
Campus Süd

Room 407



  • Doctor of Urban Planning, National University of the Ryukyusin Japan (1999/4-2002/3)
  • Master of Living Environment and Engineering, Kyoto Prefectural University in Japan(1996/4-1998/3)
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Kyoto Seika University in Japan(1991/4-1994/3)

Professional History

  • Assistant Professor of Department of Leisure and Recreation in National FormosaUniversity (From 2005/08 up to now)
  • Director (New Campus Development) of Xing Chung Branch of National FormosaUniversity (2011/08-2013/07)
  • Director of Public Affairs Section of Secretariat Office in National FormosaUniversity (2008/08-2010/07)
  • Assistant Professor ofInstitute of Environmental Arts, College of Humanities in Nanhua University (2002/08-2005/07)
  • Community Planner and Consulting Commissioner of Yunlin County Government (Urban and Rural Place) (2008/8 up to now)
    Commissioner of Regional Environment Planning System Committee in Kyushu Branch of Architectural Institute of Japan (From 2003/4 up to now)
  • Community Planner and Consulting Commissioner of Taichung City Government (Urban Development Bureau) (2005/8-2012)
  • Researcher in Institute of Urban Science Policy of Okinawa City in Japan(consultant company) (1998/4-2000/3)
  • Researcher inInstitute of Urban Architecture in “Ueda Atushi” of Kyoto City in Japan (consultant company) (1994/4-1996/3)

Academic Funding and Awards

  • Resident Participation in Town-level Landscape Master Plan Establishment and the Essence ofLandscape Law Fullfillment - by an example of Kouhu Township, Yulin Country, (NSC99-2410-H-150-010 ),(2010) , funded by MOST
  • Urban Housing Development Community (UHDC) – is focused on the regional planning, which is the focus of Taiwanese urban development historical research Part 2,( 96-2415-H-150-002 ),(2007), funded by MOST
  • Urban Housing Development Community (UHDC) – is focused on the regional planning, which is the focus of Taiwanese urban development historical research Part 1,( 95-2415-H-150-001 ),(2006) , funded by MOST
  • A Study on the Transformation of Function and Characters of Urban Detail Planning Regulations During Japan Colonial and Postwar Taiwan(1895-1973s),( 92-2415-H-343-004 ),(2003) , funded by MOST

Participation in Relevant Planning and Research Projects

Government Planning Projects

  • "Cultural Landscape Preservation Plan and Corporate Planning and Research for Conservation Plan inTai Lunjiao of Huwei in Yunlin County", Cultural Affairs Department of Yunlin County Government, in Taiwan (2016)
  • "Community Planner for Station Counselling Plan in Taichung City of 2015", Taichung City Government, in Taiwan (2015)
  • "Landscape Outline Planof Kouhu Township in Yunlin County ", Kouhu Township in Yunlin County, in Taiwan (2009)
  • “Renovation Project and Sightseeing Activities Plan of Gesashiwan Mangrove Park” in Japan, (2001)
  • "Tourism Promotion Report for Tourism Resources Network and Theme Touring Route of Northern Territory in Okinawa ", Japan, (2000)
  • "Report of Preservation Strategy for the Traditional Buildings of Preservation Area in Tonaki ", Japan,(2000)
  • "Report for Late Stage Basic Plan of Comprehensive Plan in Ginowan ", Japan, (1999)
  • "Report for Housing Master Plan of NahaCity ", in Japan, (1999)
  • Investigation Report of Landscape Preservation forVillages in Tonaki, in Japan, (1999)
  • Investigation Report of Landscape Preservation Basis forVillages in Tonaki, Japan, (1998)
  • "Report for Holiday, Leisure, and Tourism Promotion Project of “Jin Ren” Village ", Japan, (1998)
  • "Report for Outline Plan of Kochindacho Housing", Japan, (1998)
  • " Report for Urban Outline Plan of Haebaru ", Japan, (1998)
  • "Report of Hope Area Promotion Plan of Yoshino Mountain, Yoshino, Yoshino District, Nara Prefecture," Japan, (1994)
  • "School Building Design Project of Kyoto Seika University ", Japan, (1994)

Research Interests

  • Urban Planning System and Urban History Research
  • Urban Design and Environmental Landscape Planning
  • Architecture Space Improvement and Integrated Community Development
  • Local Leisure Industry and Land Policy
  • Cultural Assets and Tourism Strategy

All publications of Dr. Chen Hsiang-Chin can be found under publications.